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'An exemplar of the biopsychosocial model of care implemented within the constraints of existing routine care systems'

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  • Improved physical and mental health outcomes

  • Reduced health inequalities

  • Targets healthcare resources more efficiently and effectively

  • Plug and play - patented algorithm based assessment

  • Facilitates shared decision-making for improved engagement

  • Improved HCP work-related quality of life

  • Facilitating true person-centred healthcare 

  • Enabling tailored consultations 

  • Built and designed by HCPs around mechanisms of action  




Licence our E-Tools

Licence our validated and patented questionnaires, simply drop-in and integrate our tool or build our validated measures into your current system.


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Purchase Spotlight-AQ to improve the quality of care your patients receive. Our standalone platform improves provider and patient quality of life and saves healthcare professional time.


Partner with AQ

Partner with us for collaborative opportunities using our research expertise and insightful data sets produced by Spotlight-AQ. We are always open to new partnerships.


Dr Amar Ali

Spotlight-AQ is a user friendly, pragmatic tool that helps with patient engagement and sets the scene for the consultation. It is simple to use and implement in clinical practice without an added burden on time.

I have found it to be very useful in identifying mutual goals right from the onset of the consultation thus increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

Our Story. Why Us.

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Developed by Dr Katharine Barnard PhD

Developed by Prof Barnard, globally-renowned expert in psychosocial aspects of diabetes and other chronic disease management.  Prof Barnard remains the only holder of FDA qualification for a psychosocial measure.

Prof Barnard is an innovative investigator, pioneering PRO integration into routine clinical care to improve physical and mental health outcomes.  Spotlight-AQ is an exemplar of such an approach – truly enabling collaborative healthcare empowering people with diabetes to live well with diabetes

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