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Human Data

In only 5 minutes Spotlight-AQ's algorithmic psychosocial questionnaire generates unique human data that provides meaning to medical data. 

Personalised Care

A holistic pictorial & infographic representation of the patient provides their key priority concerns, recommendations and tailored resources to help HCPs deliver truly personal care.

DTAC Approved

Spotlight-AQ adheres to the highest international standards of data protection, being approved for use by NHS Digital.




Licence our E-Tools

Integrate our tools with your system, the power of Spotlight-AQ in your hands means huge data sets, incredible insights and so much more, find out more about what Spotlight-AQ does and who it can help.


Subscribe to Spotlight-AQ

Purchase Spotlight-AQ to meet the healthcare needs of your patients. Our standalone platform delivers our Algorithmic questionnaires anywhere, any time wrapped into a SaaS bundle of clinical e-tools and administrative processes at a price that suits you.


Partner with AQ

Partner with us for collaborative opportunities using our research expertise and insightful data sets produced by Spotlight-AQ. Further opportunities for cross selling and additional offerings as part of a Spotlight-AQ package.


Dr Amar Ali

Spotlight-AQ is a user friendly, pragmatic tool that helps with patient engagement and sets the scene for the consultation. It is simple to use and implement in clinical practice without an added burden on time.

I have found it to be very useful in identifying mutual goals right from the onset of the consultation thus increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

Our Clinical E-Tool Solutions.

Enhanced routine healthcare visits

  • Patient-centred with clearly identified patient priority concerns

  • Goal-focused – mapped to appropriate care pathway solutions

  • Action-oriented care plans agreed between HCP and patient

Improved HCP outcomes

  • Reduce burden on healthcare professionals (HCPs)

  • Improved adherence to prescribed treatments

  • Reduced healthcare costs

Improved patient health and quality of life outcomes

  • Improved understanding and access to appropriate therapies / technologies

  • Signposting to psychological support resources to reduce diabetes burden

Our Friends.


Our Story.

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Developed by Dr Katharine Barnard PhD

The world leading and renowned health psychologist specialising in diabetes and other long-term conditions, is the only person who can deliver Spotlight-AQ's insights to millions of patients.