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Diabetes Prevention


Behavioural Intervention for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes:

Delivery Health and Wellbeing Behavioural Change Through Tailored Spotlight-AQ Intervention


The evidence speaks for itself.  There are >7 million adults in the UK with pre-diabetes, many of whom would benefit from a structured lifestyle intervention to reduce their risk and improve their health outcomes.  The challenge can be in knowing what support each individual person with pre-diabetes needs and what their priority concerns are so that these can be at the core of a solution-focused plan.


Spotlight-AQ’s tailored programme is unique.  It focuses on the unique needs and preferences of each person and tailors the programme around them.  Over the course of nine months, each person will attend a mixture of one-to-one and group sessions either online or in-person depending on what works best for them. Each directly linked to a key area of concern, working to achieve their goals for better health. 










They will be supported in between sessions with motivational support and quick virtual check-ins to help stay on track.  Without an understanding of the facilitators and barriers to change, any behaviour modification is likely to be brief, limited and unsustainable.  Our personalised programme is designed around core principles of psychological well-being and behaviour change.  Thus, enabling successful and positive lifestyle adjustments for long-term health and positive well-being.


What the programme looks like:


We take the complexity out of behaviour change and break it down into manageable bite-size chunks.  Our focus is primary on well-being and building confidence to tackle the actions needed for improved physical health.  We value mental and physical health equally, knowing that one cannot exist without the other. 

At each session, we will be setting, monitoring and reviewing the tailored goals of each individual patient relating to behaviour change, weight, physical activity and nutrition.  We recognise that some goals may be more challenging than others.  That’s completely natural.  Rather than shy away from such goals, we use a scaffolding approach with each person, supporting their learning and self-efficacy development so that they always feel confident and capable of tackling their chosen goals safely.

The programme is evidence-based and theory-driven.  It is delivered and supported by our highly expert team of behaviour change specialists, under the supervision of world-leading behaviour change expert Professor Katharine Barnard-Kelly.

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