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How long does it take my patients to complete? 

Spotlight-AQs Online Assessment/Questionnaire takes 3-5 Minutes on average

How many outcomes are there?

Over 3000 Unique Outcomes/results

What types of questions are in the assessment?

Four key components of diabetes care – Therapy, Self-Management, Social Support & Psychological Burden

How does the algorithm work?

Weighted Multiple Choice Decisions inform the next set of questions

What if we don't have to resources to respond to the outcome/results? 

Spotlight-AQ provides resources and recommended actions for each outcome provided only to the HCP

What is the end goal of the assessment? 

A share decision making and agreed care plan provided to both patient and provider

Is this another mobile app?

No, Spotlight-AQ is designed to work with HCPs not too try and replace them

Will this add more time burden?

Hopefully not, we built it to function and fit within current workflow

What are the main goals of the tool? 

Reducing HCP burden, Improving Outcomes and Standardising Care

Will it fit with my other systems? 

We are happy to partner and integrate to avoid the burden of additional devices and systems

We require all data to be stored on our servers?

Our app can be hosted on Microsoft Azure allowing your organisation to control and host the data

What does the tool do for the patient?

Improving patient provider communication, facilitates social support and tailoring educational resources

What does the tool do for my team?

Improving clarity, understanding and providing informed pre clinic planning opportunities

We don't want to provide patient data to external companies.

Spotlight-AQ doesn’t require any data to start the assessment, all essential data is collected within the question responses. 

Does this need to be integrated into the EMR?

No, Spotlight-AQ works with just name or clinic ID and an email, entire clinic lists can be added with just one click and all data is stored anonymously complying with the highest international data standards.

What about my patients that cant use technology?

In clinic tablets provide users with ease of access for non tech savvy patients

What devices can it be accessed from?

Can be used on computers, tablets and mobile at anytime anywhere

Can the results be printed? 

Assessment results and care plans can be printed

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