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Feasibility Study

Spotlight-AQ's iterative co-design was developed with 200 patients and 30 HCPs, followed by pilot study confirming it is 100% acceptable and feasible, improving consultations without extending consultation length


n=49 adults participated (n=31T1D, n=18 female; n=18T2D n=10 male) all used Spotlight-AQ


'Psychological burden' most common (T1D n=27, 87.1%) followed by 'gaining more skills' (T1D n=19, 61.3%), 'improving support' (n=8,25.8%) and 'diabetes-related treatment issues' (n=8, 25.8%).


Similarly, psychological burden was the primary concern for T2D participants (n=18,100%) followed by 'gaining more skills' (n=7,38.9%), 'improving support' (n=7,38.9%) and 'diabetes-related treatment issues' (n=4;22.2%).


Appropriate care pathways were satisfactorily agreed with each participant


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