Spotlight-AQ is an online smart, dynamic and adaptive patient questionnaire that quickly (3-5 minutes) identifies patient priority areas for discussion with their HCP in routine clinic visits. 

The tool is evidence-based, theory-driven and accessible to all irrespective of socio economic, health literacy or cultural status.
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This facilitates a truly patient-centred, goal-focused discussion within the constraints of routine care that enables intrinsically motivated decision-making by patients, with support of HCPs to achieve powerful enduring  behaviour change (more effective than externally imposed instructions) and enhanced self-management for optimal biomedical and quality of life outcomes.
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A Personalised Digital Map of behaviour, needs and barriers.

The results page is immediately visible to the patient on their smartphone, desktop or laptop and to the HCP via their clinic login.

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Spotlight Consultations is a global tool, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection translatable into any language and universally shaped to fit into any healthcare setting.  Versions are available for use with those with low literacy to ensure that no-one is left behind. This is truly enhanced healthcare for all, irrespective of language, cultural diversity or educational status.

Personalized Experience

Healthcare professionals receive detailed biomedical, psychosocial and psychological data, visualised into quickly interpretable graphics. Spotlight Consultations does not extend consultation time, shortening the time needed to get to the heart of the problem. Real world evidence demonstrates 100% feasibility, 100% acceptability and 100% reported improved consultations.  

Spotlight does this...

Spotlight-AQ is simple by design all our features are built around the soul purpose of the tool and to make the workflow of the user easier to manage, although Spotlight-AQ doesn’t have all the features we would like, we believe that it is highly functional in a clinical setting, to name a few features it has…


Spotlight-AQ is designed to simply work with an email address and a name or clinic ID to identify patients. Because we do not require large data input, we can import clinic lists of thousands of patients seamlessly.


We have a feature to send a one-time user assessment in the form of a link that can be sent to a phone, email address or even printed on the patient’s clinic letter, providing the same level of insight to both patient and provider without the need to set up a patient login. We provide a tablet device for clinics for this purpose.


Patient accounts provide additional features that one-time anonymous use doesn’t. These include the ability to revisit their assessment insights, view their care plans online and write private notes. Healthcare professional and clinic admin accounts can be used to add patients, send links and manage workflow.


Healthcare professionals have immediate free access to over 700 resources, each of which link to the unique outcomes of Spotlight-AQs assessments. Healthcare Professionals can share the relevant resources with their patient electronically via their care plan.