Who we are

A proven Pre-clinic Assessment platform that focuses out-patient consultations through rapid identification of patient priority concerns and mapped resources to meet them.


We are a digital health and life sciences company operating in the diabetes and long-term conditions space. We provide digital health tools aimed at streamlining healthcare delivery, improving physical and mental health outcomes for people with diabetes, and reducing burden on healthcare professionals. 

Who is it for

Spotlight-AQ was built for healthcare professionals working in diabetes to enable them to provide excellent care for improved patient outcomes. Our mission is to support healthcare professionals and improve care, at the point of care. Mobile apps and other AI driven auto-doctors can never replace the work that consultants and healthcare professionals do in routine care. Spotlight-AQ supports the vital work done in routine care, improving clinical workflows through design to ensure we support each key stage in the delivery of care to make life easier for HCPs.



  • Better Mental Health

  • Improved Communication 

  • Personalised Care

  • Access to Education 

  • Increased Social Support 

  • Better Self management 

  • Find the Right Therapy 


Health Systems

  • Diabetes Prevention 

  • Mental Health Screening

  • Standardised Care 

  • Cost Savings



  • Pre Visit Planning

  • Improved Communication

  • Human Data 

  • Increased Adherence

  • Reduced Burden


Licence our E-Tools

Integrate our tools with your system, the power of Spotlight-AQ in your hands, means huge data sets, incredible insights and so much more, find out more about what Spotlight-AQ does and who it can help.


Subscribe to Spotlight-AQ

Purchase Spotlight-AQ to meet the healthcare needs of your patients. Our standalone platform delivers our Algorithmic questionnaires anywhere, any time wrapped into a SaaS bundle of clinical e-tools and administrative processes at a price that suits you.


Partner with AQ

Partner with us for collaborative opportunities using our research expertise and insightful data sets produced by Spotlight-AQ. Further opportunities for cross selling and additional offerings as part of a Spotlight-AQ package.