Real World Trial

Spotlight-AQ 0.1 Beta Testing User Experiences

User experience survey (N=41)

Average Completion Time: 3 Minutes, 50 Seconds

97.5% of users said it was simple to use and easy to understand

92.7% of users said it met their expectations

80.5% of users said it was dynamic enough to meet changing demands over time

95% of users said that it captured their correct priorities and needs

92.7% of users said it questions were relevant to their current situation

70.7% of users said it would help them access better support (outside of clinic)

100% of users said they felt comfortable with the questions

70.7% of users said it would greatly improve their consultation with their healthcare team


User priorities outcome (N=49)

91.8% of users wanted help with the psychological burden of diabetes

Over 50% of users wanted access to education targeted to specific areas of their diabetes management

30% of users wanted to improve the social support around them.


Additional outcomes (N=49)

HCPs learned more about their patients needs

Reduced consultation length by 10%

HCPs were surprised by the tools impact

47% of patients didn’t know or incorrectly recalled their A1C

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